This Beats a Coma – Documentary

– Produced and created by filmmaker Scott Richardson of JuneTwentySeven Productions. –

While battling strong gusts of wind on a desolate, hilly highway in central Wyoming, Doug Markgraf slowed his bicycle to a stop and pulled a marker from his bag. In large letters he scrawled “This Beats A Coma” across his sunburnt forearm. He was 19 days into a 56 day journey across America, and the phrase reminded him why.

Five years earlier, Doug was involved in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle in a bike lane in West Philadelphia. In the collision he shattered bones, helmet, and bicycle – and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. As Doug lay in a coma for half a month, doctors refused to acknowledge that his condition would allow a complete recovery. The last thing they ever expected was that he would awaken, recover, and return to the bike. But he did.

This Beats A Coma” tells the story of a young man’s journey from coma to an inspiring cross-country bicycle trek. It reflects on the difficulties faced by a traumatic brain injury survivor and documents the struggles to return to a norm, independent life. It’s a story about hope, overcoming debilitating setbacks, and achieving amazing things.

View the documentary, released officially on June 30, 2012 below! 

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