Project Mend The Mind is a project.

Before technologies that enabled us to understand how the brain worked and functioned after an injury, a head injury meant almost certain death and disability. Now, thanks to brain scanning technologies, advanced procedures, specialized rehabilitation services and many other positive changes, more and more people are surviving brain injuries.  With first-hand experience on its side, Project Mend The Mind seeks to forever alter the countless life-shattering problems that arise after brain injury. And you’re invited to join.

Our goals:

  • To instill hope and a sense of unity in those whose lives have been forever changed as a result of a brain injury
  • To foster an atmosphere to share strategies, resources, and information that will improve brain injury
  • To change society’s limited understanding of brain injuries and resulting disabilities
  • To explore and work diligently to ensure that everyone receives lifesaving medical services after sustaining a brain injury



While more people are surviving, the level of US federal aid and societal understanding seems to have frozen or merely crept forward.
Just as medical technologies and procedures have improved, so will treatment and understanding of head injuries. But we’re not there yet.
Project Mend The Mind is actively and aggressively working to change the trend. Help us.