Brain injury is a horrible way to lose your mind.

Project Mend the Mind closes the gap between the medical community and those who are directly impacted by traumatic brain injury. No matter whether the injury was to you, or to a family member, or impacting a whole community of individuals, Project Mend the Mind seeks to inspire, educate, and improve this often bleak recovery mindset. By helping Project Mend the Mind, you can help work toward forever eliminating brain-based disability and its often weakening capacity.


Current Projects

  • Ride for Recovery

    Annual ride to support brain injury survivors and awareness in the Philadelphia region.

Donations to Project Mend the Mind provide lasting results to aid brain injury research and care such as:

– Helping educate about effective brain injury care and prevention
– Expanding our quickly-growing free helmet bank, allowing both children and adults to adequately protect their brain from injury.
– Supports the regular facilitation of bicycle safety expos and events related to brain injury care/treatment

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